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Non-Communicable Diseases and Health Promotion Division (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life)
NCD Mobile Service
The Non Communicable Disease & Health Promotion Unit (NCD & HP Unit) is based at the Head Quarters of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life on the 7th Floor of the Emmanuel Anquetil Building in Port Louis. It has one satellite NCD office in each of the five health regions of Mauritius and One of its main objectives is to reduce the prevalence and incidence of NCDs. With the lapse of time, it has undergone a paradigm shift with higher responsibilities thereby offering a wider range of services and enlisting community participation.
Greater emphasis is being laid on promotional and prevention activities to curtail the incidence and prevalence of NCDs. Considerable progress has been made in the management and treatment of patients with NCDs. NCD health care services have been decentralized and new health care facilities are nowadays made available at regional level i.e. at Hospitals, Mediclinics, Community Hospitals, Area Health Centres and Community Health Centres.
The unit aims at bridging the gap between the community and the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life. It equally aims at achieving the goal of ‘early detection of NCDs and referring those positive cases for treatment and follow-up thereby minimizing complications. It also provides opportunities for the working population to be screened at a time convenient to them without having to be absent from work.
In a nutshell, NCD Health Care Services are being provided at the doorstep of the inhabitants.

Non-Communicable Diseases and Health Promotion Division